utorak, 8. prosinca 2015.

ELF HOUSE COOKIES 3D with snowman

The recipe is on this link.

The cookie cutters I used is....

 When the cookies is baked and cooled, the decoration could start. You will need white, red and green icing in piping,decorating and flooding consistency. Orange and yellow in piping consistency.

Start with the red roof, outline and flood. Then outline the house in white and flood. Leave to dry overnight. After dried outline the white on the roof and put on white sugar for the snow effect. Made the door. You could decorated in two brown colors. Made the green details. Let dry for 3 hours. Then draw the bleck handle to the door and the yellow points in the green. At the end draw the snowflake on the top of the roof. 

Outline with white and let dry overnight. When dried, with white icing made the hat and put on black sugar. Made the red scarf, eyes, nose and black buttons. Let dry.

Piping consistency will be like toothpaste. For the small xmass tree you could find the template on this link. Use a tip 16. Let dry overnight. Then draw the white snow and put on white sugar.
The same is with the big trees on cookies. Use a tip 22. LEt dry overnight and then draw the white snow with white sugar like snow.

Assembly instructions:
On the flower base with piping consisency made a line in the middle. Put the house on and put a toothspick and leave dry for two hours. I put a candy behind. Put some icing on the bigg tree and paste behind. Stick the small tree and the snowman in front with a candy like in photos down. Let dry, then flood all. Draw a line after 20 minutes.

I find the inspirations for this cookies on you tube Montreal confections and on some Haniela's gingerbread houses.

I made also their design with some differences.....