ponedjeljak, 24. lipnja 2013.


A summer raining day.... ideal for baking cookies. I want to makes something about the sea, abaut the summer...
I made a cookie dough with lard and granulated sugar. I used the muffin cutter, ice cream cup and ice cream cutter. Here is how I cut the cookies

I wanted to make a special effect with colors. For the piping icing I made a darker one. I used americolor 160 electric blue, 161 electric yellow and 162 electric green. I took a picture because I really like this combination

I used a tip 3 to outline the cookies. When I finished, I left some icing for the dots, in the other I added more white icing and some water, in this way I prepared the flooding one. To be faster, I filled with a spoon and a toothpick. After one hour, I draw the smiling faces and the dots.

I like the jellyfish! Somewhere I made two colors dots for more effect.

četvrtak, 13. lipnja 2013.


Ovo sam brzo napravila. Povukla sam vanjske linije svih keksa gušćom glazurom, dok sam došla do kraja prvi su bili već suhi. Sa tečnijom glazurom sam popunila srca. Odmah sam išla dalje jer dok sam došla do kraja sa popunjavanjem na prvima koje sam popunjavala se već bila posušila korica. Sa gušćom glazurom koju sam koristila za povući vanjske crte, napravila sam dva reda točkica kojima sam dodala perlu.
Pustila sam ih da se posuše preko noći.

srijeda, 12. lipnja 2013.


Sve sam stavila na jednu sliku:

Od izrezivača oblika novogodišnje kugle napravila sam kekse. 
Glazuru sam napravila i obojila tako:
crna i bijela gušća
crvena i roza rjeđa

Najprije sam napravila okolo liniju glave, kapu i mašnu, nastavkom 2. Ostavila sam da se posuši 10ak minuta. Zatim sam popunila kapu crvenom tečnom glazurom na kojoj sam nakon 10ak minuta napravila bijele točke gušćom bijelom glazurom. Zatim sam popunila lice. Kako su mi se lice i kapa dotaknuli, ponovo sam povukla crtu između. Nakon 30ak minuta nacrtala sam oči nos i usta. 

ponedjeljak, 10. lipnja 2013.


I found on the internet a tutorial how to make wedding swans.
I spent a lot of time for this decoration. I don't make cookies every day, it's my hobby, so for me this swans was very complicated.
I don't have the projector. I drew a swan on the paper and put it on the cookies and with a toothpick marked the place to make a feather. I made the first row of 8 feathers, when dried, I made the second row and the tail, then I drew with a tip 2 the body, filled all with liquid royal icing and let it dried overnight. The next day I drew the yellow and black details with a paint brush.
And here they are: my swans!

četvrtak, 6. lipnja 2013.


Once again, I took photos with mobile phone so the image does not have good quality.
I bought the cutter with the dress shape and made my easy wedding dresses. 
It's easy and quick because I outline with tip 3, fill with a fluent royal icing. After drying,I used a tip 0, but you can use also a tip 1. The decoration is simple and minimalist. 
The silver bead makes the decoration a little bit more elegant.

Note on the photo the first dress,up on the left side is decorated without drying (you can see the shimmering)
I like also this undefined line....


My friend had a girls night out. I do not have a cutter in the shape of the package, so I cut out the heart and it was approximately the same shape. The amount of cookies was not big so I could play with knife cutting!
Here is the photo of all steps.

I took photos with my mobile phone so the image quality is not the best!

First I outline with a tip 2 muscles, after 5 minutes I fill with a more dense royal icing. I don't have time so I fill all together, but better will be to fill every muscle separately and wait to dry. In this way the muscles will be more pronounced, without touching. I made the bow on the not dried body, I really didn't have time. 
But I'm happy with the results