ponedjeljak, 24. lipnja 2013.


A summer raining day.... ideal for baking cookies. I want to makes something about the sea, abaut the summer...
I made a cookie dough with lard and granulated sugar. I used the muffin cutter, ice cream cup and ice cream cutter. Here is how I cut the cookies

I wanted to make a special effect with colors. For the piping icing I made a darker one. I used americolor 160 electric blue, 161 electric yellow and 162 electric green. I took a picture because I really like this combination

I used a tip 3 to outline the cookies. When I finished, I left some icing for the dots, in the other I added more white icing and some water, in this way I prepared the flooding one. To be faster, I filled with a spoon and a toothpick. After one hour, I draw the smiling faces and the dots.

I like the jellyfish! Somewhere I made two colors dots for more effect.