nedjelja, 2. veljače 2014.


I recived two primroses from my mother. So I had the inspiration to made primrose cookies.

I work with two different colors - gold and yellow.
First I outline with gold. I use a tip number 3 so the line was better definited. Immediatly I flooded with yellow, made first a gold star in the middle - extended with a toothpich in the petals, then I made a white dot, also extended with a toothspick. All "wet on wet" so is quickly finished!

Later I try to use other colors, but the most I prefer is the yellow one!


For this cookies I used a new recipe. The cookies a soft and crispy. I had to be carefull with icing.

280 gr flour
120 gr ground almonds
130 gr sugar powder
220 gr butter
2 egg yolks
grated one lemon
a pinch of salt

Combine all ingredients, wrap in a plastic wrap and let chill in fridge for 3 hours.
Adjust oven rack to middle and šreheat oven to 180°C
Pepare baking sheets.

On a clean, lightly floured work surface, roll out the dough. Use diferent sized flower cookie cutters. Continue untill all of the dough is used up and the baking sheets are full. Bake cookies until golden, about 15 minutes. Let cookies sit at room temperature about 5 minutes. Then transfer to a wire cooling rack to cool completely. They are really so soft and crispy.

I left the two albumens from the cookies recipe and I made a classic royal icing (I earlier wrote the recipe)

The best is if you prepare the yellow centers the day before. On a baking paper I made round dots, sprinkled with sugar. I used the white sugar, but if you prefer you could color the sugar in yellow. It's important to have dried centers.

I outlined the cookies and immediatelly flooded. I separated the yellow dried centres from the baking paper and put in the middle of the flower. This is called "cookies transfer". After the transfer push carefully. I left dry for two hours. Then I outline the petals with lines and dots.
For example, you could dry the white flooded cookies without the centre, you could put it at the end of all decoration, after all outlines, lines and dots, but take care of the spaces between the cookie and the dot.

I made another easy decoration:

I also made pink ones. On this photo you can see also the different sizes:

CHERRY FLOWERS 2 - more details

This charry flowers is more detailed.

I used two different flower shaped cookies with 5 and 6 petals. I prefered the 5 one.
All is with the "wet on wet" technique. With a bigger tip outline the white petals, I used the number 3.

Immediatelly flood with the pink icing and made a line like in the photo. With a toothspick extend the red line to all petal.

Made a yellow center dot - only a dot - and left to dry. I left for two hours. 
Then I made yellow pistils and left for an hour. After that I made white dots and the cookies is finished!

CHERRY FLOWERS - spring is coming

This is my easy cherry flowers.
I baked two different cookies. I used a small one with 5 petals and the bigger one with 6. I like both.
I'm not spending time on coloring icing, only a small part of pink and yellow for pistils.
I put all white icing in one piping bag with the tip numer 2. I used the technique where I was outlining and flooding the same time, so the cookie is without the border. Immediately I put the pink. I calcolated aproximatelly the center where I made a pink line which I pulled with a toothspick.
I left to dry overnight.
Then I made the white lines and the white pistils. Put some yellow dots and here it is, my easy cherry flowers.


Valentinovo je dan zaljubljenih, pa tako evo i mojih zaljubljenih keksića.
Eksperimentirala sam sa izrazom lica - ovo je moj prvi pokušaj da mimetiku lica prenesem na keks. Mislim da bi trebalo možda promijeniti boju kapaka na curi, kako bi više došlo do izražaja "zavodnički pogled" ali ja sam svu glazuru obojala u crveno, mali sam si dio ostavila bijeli za oči i nije imalo smisla raditi novi icing samo radi kapaka. 

Glazuru sam obojala sa bojama u gelu AmeriColor - koristila sam broj 119 RED RED i broj 101 SUPER BLACK.
Crvenu sam stavila u jednu dresir vrećicu s nastavkom broj 3. Odmah sam napravila rub i odmah sam ga ispunila - tako nema vidljivog ruba. Pustila sam ih preko noći da se posuše. Sutradan sam crtala lice. Radi veličine keksa odučila dam koristiti nastavak 0 da mi crta bude izraženija, iako mi je crna bila rijetka pa su se crte malo razvukle.
Postupak kako sam crtala curu:
nacrtala sam dva kruga za oči
povukla sam trepavicu uzduž
nacrtala sam obrve
trepavice ispod
i usta
kad se posušilo sam ispunila usta, trepavice i oči - najprije bijelo, pa crno oko i bijelu točkicu - sve odmah, da se stopi u jedan level

Dečka sam crtala isto tako. Jedino što bi htjela napomenuti su zubi. Najprije sam nacrtala vanjsku crnu crtu usta, pa sam povukla crtu bijele i tek nakon toga sam nacrtala crnu crtu u sredini, kako vbi zaokružila zube. 


I combined the muffin cookie cutter with a small heat and this is the results:

Once again I used the technique where I first outlined the red heart on all cookies. When this was finished, after about half an hour, I take the white icing, outlined and flooded. When also this was finished I took the pink one, outlined and flooded. In the cookies on the left I made red points and with a toothpick I passed trought them - so I have a heart effect

I made this smiling faces for my son. The flooding consistency is not good, but I like them, so I want to show you another way of decorating VALENTINE'S COOKIES. Happy Valentine's day!!


This is my easy valentine cookies.

I baked the cookies. After they cool, I immediately began to decorate them.
I colorated the royal icing with AmeriColor 119 - RED RED. I put all icing in a piping bag with a coupler, so later will be easier to change tips. I never write about couplers, so I copy/paste from wilton pages:


step 1

Remove ring from coupler base. Drop the coupler base, narrow end first, into the bag and push it down as far as you can.
For Featherweight Bags: Using a pen or pencil, mark the spot on the outside where the bottom screw thread (closest to tip) is outlined against the bag material.
For Disposable Bags: Mark a spot on the outside that is 1/4 inch BELOW the bottom screw thread.

step 2

Push the coupler base up into the bag so that you can cut an opening at the mark.

step 3

Push the coupler base down through the opening. One thread should be showing. Place a decorating tip over the part of the base extending from the bag.

step 4

Put the ring over the tip and twist it on, locking the tip in place.

I put first a tip 3. I outline the cookie and immediately fill with the same icing - so you can't see the border. When I finished with flooding all cookies, I started with making outline on the first one which wasn't dry, but made a type of crust, perhaps after half an hour.
I changed the tip, I put up the number 1. The icing is not so thick, the line is not so defined, but it's really easy and quick!

I try also with a "wet on wet" decoration. It's also quick and easy - hope you like it....