petak, 22. kolovoza 2014.


This time I used my toast cutter like a cookie cutter. There was a small difference, can you see it? The dinosaur legs are different.
The cutting of biscuites are really quickly because the toast cutters are made in order to use the bread at the best, after the cutting there are not much remains. So you spend the dought in three times rolling.

Choose the recipe you like and bake the bisuites.

Somewhere earlier I show how I made the tourquise icing. I put together 1 part of electric green and 2 parts of electric blue

I decided to mix those two colors for the dots of both dinosaurs. Will be better looking on the plate.
One is green and the other is blue. The blue have the tourquise and green dots, the green one have the blue and tourquise dots. Three completely different but perfectly coordnated colors.