petak, 23. listopada 2015.

SKULL MUFFIN COOKIES from ice cream cookie cutter

Made the dought you prefer and cut them like in this photo

Bake, cool..... and start decorating! You will need the thicker black icing for outlining the skull. I used the tip number 3, for a thick line.Let them dry for about one hour. 

Then with the thinner white icing flood inside and let them dry overnight.

Outline and flood the muffin pan. 

Now you could made the black eyes and the nose. Immediatly pipe a small white dot on the eyes. 

For me the halloween colors are black, violet, orange and green. Let them dry again.

HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN from muffin cookie cutter

My cookie recipe with lard is:

800 gr of flour
240 gr of lard

320 gr of white sugar
4 yolk and 2 whole egg 
1 tsp of vanilla ore one vanilla
1 tsp baking powder
a pinch of salt
1/2 grated lemon
1 tsp quality rum

I put the flower on the work place, made a hole in the center where I put immediatelly all ingredients. Leave the lard on room temperature so will be tender, easier to made the dought with hands. I put it into the fridge for one hour. 

Then I made this "fake" pumpkins.... nice, what you think? I used two different muffin cookie cutter sizes and an oval cookie cutter for two different type of pumpkin.

The first one:

This is the result.... 

And the second....

and this is the result....

I baked them 8-10 minutes on 180°C in the pre-heated oven. Cool them and then decorate with icing.

The recipe I used is:
4 albumens
4 tsp of lemon
800 gr of sugar powder

I used the method of outlining first. I use a piping bag with a tip 2 for my outlining. When the outlining is dry I flood the cookie with the same icing with a few drops of water. Flooding is then easier. I left the cookies overnight to dry.

After the night,I flooded the remains parts. After about 3 hours I drew the green details. To arrange the consistency of my green icing, I added more powder sugar.

I try to made the design with 3 (photos up) and 5 parts (photos down) on the pumpkin. I prefered with 3.

I made the same like up, but I drew 5 parts, so I flooded like in photo, first the inside two...
 then the center and outside....

On some cookies I also made some spooky details! Uuuuuuu!!!


I prepared the orange icing for flooding, then thicker in orange, white, violet and black for lines and eyes details and more thicker in green.

First I outlined the cookies with the thick orange icing and let them dry for about one hour. More thick is the icing, quickier will dry. I used the wilton tip number 2. Then I flooded the cookie inside with orange icing and let them dry overnight.

 For the eyes I used the wet on wet technique, I put the white icing and immediatly the violet and bleck detail. With a toothspick I take some white icing for the white dot in the eyes. Then I draw the nose and the mouth. At the end I put the green detail on the top.

I'm inspired with the violet eyes, so I made also a cute halloween bat. I made a photo of every step. The most important think is that the icing must be dry from step to step. 

HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN from round cookie cutter

I made a clasic sugar cookies recipe, here you have it:
750 gr of flour
250 gr of butter
250 gr of powdered sugar
4 egg
1 tsp of vanilla ore one vanilla
1 tsp baking powder
a pinch of salt

I put the butter with the sugar in my robot (food processor) untill the substance was foamy. Then I put the eggs inside and added the rest of ingredients until the dough was ready. It was tender, so I put it into the fridge for two hours.

I used two different cookie cutters size. Bake them 8-10 minutes on 180C in the pre-heated oven.

First I outlined like in photo, let dry for about 30 minutes and then I flooded every second part and leave it overnight. 

Then I flooded the remains part. 

When the icing is dry, after about 2 hours, draft the green details.