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Brown body - baby boy

The recipe is here.
First I outlined and flood the brown icing. Immediatly I flood the white shirt. Let the cookies dry overnight. 

Then with a thiscker icing draw the white and the black details like in photo.

Bear cookies-baby boy

I made a lard dough with cocoa

800 gr of flour
240 gr of lard
320 gr of white sugar
100 gr cocoa powder
4 yolk and 2 whole egg 
1 tsp of vanilla ore one vanilla
1 tsp baking powder
a pinch of salt
1/2 grated lemon
2 tsp quality rum

I put the flower on the work place, made a hole in the center where I put immediatelly all ingredients. Leave the lard on room temperature so will be tender, easier to made the dought with hands. I put it into the fridge for one hour. Cut half dough with body cookie cutter, 1/4 with standing beat, 1/4 with sitting bear. You could do also some hearts... how you prefer.

I baked them 8 minutes on 180°C in the pre-heated oven. Cool them and then decorate with icing.

The recipe I used is:
4 albumens
4 tsp of lemon
800 gr of sugar powder

Mix albumens with some sugar powder untill you add all. Mix for 10 minutes then add the lemon juice. Regulate the density with some other sugar powder. The royal icing is ready for youse when you take up the mixer and the icing "stay up".

Separate in two. One half colorate in brown. From the white one take out 3 spoons and colorate in blue, add some sugar, the blue icing need to be thicker. From whe white one take 2 spoons and add also here some sugar, need to be thicker for body details. Decorated this way..... You could decorate every step after about 20-30 minutes, when the icing made a crust on the surface od the cookies.


For my halloween owl I used a tulip cookie cutter and a witch hat cookie cutter. I made this dought (click here)

Cut like in photos down and put together with some water. After baking, decorate how you prefer....

After baking, decorate how you prefer....
I decorate all in one, wet on wet technique.
1. black on hat
2. black stomach
3. orange on hat
4. green wihgs
5. violet ears and body without eyes
6. fuchsia eyes
7. white eyes
8. black eyes with a white shine

after drying, I made a orange beak.


I used the wilton sandal cookie cutter and another one with the snowman shape.

Cut like in the photo down....

I used a dark dought with cocoa, so I decorate with the white icing. After baking, decorate like in the photo down. A bigger eye, a smaller one and a heart for the nose.