nedjelja, 23. ožujka 2014.


I mixed the Americolor electric green and electric blue for this turquoise collor.

For the round cookies I first outlined the cookie with a light black. Then I flooded them with turquoise and the other with dark blue, made the lines on the wet cookies. Imediattely I made "the waves"with a toothpick.

I spent more time with butterflies. First I made the body and outline with black. After they dried, I first put the electric green in the edges, then I put a turquoise point in the middle of the up wings. Then I put a electic blue line. The rest of all wings I flooded with the dark blue. After all I made the electric green line in the middle and the electric blue point in the turquise point. I finished the decoration with a toothpick.
I love them!