ponedjeljak, 24. ožujka 2014.


A friend had a birthday party with strawberry theme. I made this strawberries flower.
On the strawberries I first outline and immediatly flood the green. I leave them an hour to dry. In this hour I started with the flowers. First I outlined the flower. When I finished I started to flood the first one - the outline was dry. Then I take the strawberies where I outline and flood imediatlly the fruit with rose color. I flooded one at time because I made the yellow points and pulled them down with a toothpick. I took the flower again where I made the yellow centre. I left them to dry for aproximatelly one hour. Then I take the strawberries where I drew the green small star. At the end I made the final decorations on the flower. First I made the white lines then I made the small yellow points in the centre. 

For the flowers lines I start from the outlines of the petal to the centre, I want to have this "tear line", thicker then thinner.