petak, 27. prosinca 2013.


My friend recived the most beautifull Christmas gift: a babygirl! Her name is Nina. I'm so happy for them... so I baked new cookies....

I made a clasic sugar cookies recipe, here you have it:
750 gr of flour
250 gr of butter
250 gr of powdered sugar
4 egg
1 tsp of vanilla ore one vanilla
1 tsp baking powder
a pinch of salt

I put the butter with the sugar in my robot (food processor) untill the substance was foamy. Then I put the eggs inside and added the rest of ingredients until the dough was ready. It was tender, so I put it into the fridge for two hours.

From this dough I made aproximatelly 30 bodies, 30 baby strollers and 20 ducks with the wilton cookie cutters.
I turn the baby strollers cookies so I have a right and a left one:

For the royal icing I used 
3 albumens
3 tsp of lemon
600 gr of sugar powder

I colored one spoon with black and two spoon with orange color for ducks. From the rest I separated two-thirds and colored with a bit of red so I got a baby pink. From this baby pink I take 3 spoons where I added some more red, so the pink was darker. You could see this on the duck - outlined with light pink and filled with the darker one:

For me the most easiest cookie decor is this baby bodies. I prefer the left one.

Here is all th cookies together! Welcome Nina!