petak, 23. listopada 2015.

HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN from muffin cookie cutter

My cookie recipe with lard is:

800 gr of flour
240 gr of lard

320 gr of white sugar
4 yolk and 2 whole egg 
1 tsp of vanilla ore one vanilla
1 tsp baking powder
a pinch of salt
1/2 grated lemon
1 tsp quality rum

I put the flower on the work place, made a hole in the center where I put immediatelly all ingredients. Leave the lard on room temperature so will be tender, easier to made the dought with hands. I put it into the fridge for one hour. 

Then I made this "fake" pumpkins.... nice, what you think? I used two different muffin cookie cutter sizes and an oval cookie cutter for two different type of pumpkin.

The first one:

This is the result.... 

And the second....

and this is the result....

I baked them 8-10 minutes on 180°C in the pre-heated oven. Cool them and then decorate with icing.

The recipe I used is:
4 albumens
4 tsp of lemon
800 gr of sugar powder

I used the method of outlining first. I use a piping bag with a tip 2 for my outlining. When the outlining is dry I flood the cookie with the same icing with a few drops of water. Flooding is then easier. I left the cookies overnight to dry.

After the night,I flooded the remains parts. After about 3 hours I drew the green details. To arrange the consistency of my green icing, I added more powder sugar.

I try to made the design with 3 (photos up) and 5 parts (photos down) on the pumpkin. I prefered with 3.

I made the same like up, but I drew 5 parts, so I flooded like in photo, first the inside two...
 then the center and outside....

On some cookies I also made some spooky details! Uuuuuuu!!!