četvrtak, 2. listopada 2014.


 This simply and cute animal drawing was the inspiration for my cookies!

I print this paper, cut out the shapes of fox and rancoon and used them for cutting the dough for the cookies.

 First I draw the dark brown ear.
Then I outlined and imediatelly flooded the beige parts.
I outlined and flooded the tail and the ear with the orange icing. With a toothspick I made the lines inside.

Then I outlined and flooded the head.... 
 .....the body.....

 and the dark brown details

 at the end draw the black eyes and the nose

With the same techniques, with other paper cutter and other colors I made the rancoon cookies.

You could use this cute cookies for a baby shower combined with some bodies or for an autumn plate with trees.... it's really a gratefull shape.