četvrtak, 17. studenoga 2016.

Elf cookies

Here you could find the Christmass socks post.
Here you could find the gingerbread face post.

I used this cutters:
Ice cream cone cookie cutter (wilton)
Baby body cookies cutter (wilton)
Paw cookies cutter (form ebay)

Make the dought you prefer. I made this and add some nuts.

When you cut the ice cream, with hands model the hat shape, then bake. 
Cut the body to create a t-shirt. 
And cut the shoes like in photo.

For the decorating....
I started with filling the green hat, green t-shirt and green shoes.
After about 2 hours, I made the red detail on the hat and the red datail on the shirt like in photo down. On the shoes I draw immediately the white and red socks. On the t-shirt I made the black detail for the belt.

Then I made the rose head and let dry for about 2 hours. After this I made the nose and ears, all  black and yellow details.