srijeda, 24. rujna 2014.


I started with the roof. On the photo you could see the details on the roof, I leave the icing more dense for better wood effect.
I put the red icing in a bag with a tip number 44. I never used this one for flooding without outlining, but I like the results. First I made the triangle on the top. After 30 minutes I made the second line and imediatlly the other two lines. After one hour I flooded the rest. I leave them dry for aproximatelly two hours.


The icing didn't dry at all, but it's not important for drawing the bone. I draw the black detail  combining a tip 000 and a toothpick after 30 minutes aproximatelly.

The icing for the bones is colored with Nesquik (cocoa powder). At the same moment I outlined, flooded and draw the black lines.