nedjelja, 28. prosinca 2014.


I try to made the bulb cookies and small ornament cookies from rocket and planet Saturn cookie cutter, all combined on a plate with a big ornament cookies cut with a ornament cookie cutter.


Cut the dought with a rocket cutter like in this photos.
I used an ice cream cutter, but you could use a knife to take down the excess. 

Decorate how you prefer. 
I first made the gold detail and then flooded the rest.
I used the gold, red, deep pink, eletric green and eletric yellow color. 


Here is how I made small ornament cookies.

l first made the gold detail, then I flooded the ornament cookies.

After they was dry, I made a snowflake detail for better results on the plate...

....because I made the snowflake on the big ornaments.